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Back in May of 2005, then high school students Asaf Sagi and Boris Magnus van Sosin were working on a booklet of shotgun rules. They were editing, making revisions and adding rules and to the common shotgun guidebook typically found on the internet. Their innovation was more than just filling loopholes in the system. They made it so that the International Shotgun Guidebook was available to the public (a very limited public, unfortunately. their school) in a very elegant independently-printed booklet with a pretty form to fill at the back of it, to make it apply to the vehicle in which it is deployed.
The book was a complete success. Revenues of 2005 Q2 soared, with the income reaching 30 NIS (roughly 6.6$ at the time). Since then they have been known as "the guys that sold the shotgun guidebook. By the way, did you translate it to Hebrew yet?".

Yes, the public cried for more.
Today, at no charge higher than the cost of your internet connection, Chupa660.com is proud to be the first to publish the International Shotgun Guidebook of May 2005 (4th edition) online! Now you can download the Guidebook in two versions. The first version is the single-page PDF for viewing on the computer.
The second version is the one printed to be commercially sold to the public. When printed, it becomes a two-sided publication which you can make a booklet out of. Be patient until you get the printing settings right.

So what's it gonna be, driver?
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